In the southern neighborhood of Sepsiszentgyörgy 3,5 km from the town, is situated the small, silent village Sepsiszentkirály. A great place for relaxation.

From the tower of the Unitarian church, rebuilt in the baroque age, we have the view of 29 church towers. The reformat church was built in 1879. At the upper end of the village we find the old stone bridge, an industrial monument. In the village were born prominent personalities, like Sámuel Sükösd, István Ágh (Unitarian bishop), Benedek Szentkirályi, Dánie Bartók and others.


KISS PANZIÓ offers full or half pension, or you can use our kitchen. We can offer accommodation for 13 persons.

Ground floor: kitchen, dining- living room, bathroom.

First floor: 2x two bed rooms and a room with double bed, two bathrooms.

Second floor: one room with two, one room with three and one room with a double bed, a w.c. and a bath.

Every room has television, (cable tv), internet connection, hairdryer. In addition to all these, our guests will find hangers and brushes for clothes, wool covers, towels, soap, and glasses and so on.

In the living room you will find a home theatre system, with wide screen tv.

Free wireless Internet or a computer with Internet is at your disposal.

Our kitchen is equipped with microwave oven, different electric appliances cuttlery, with everything you need.

Parking possibilities in the courtyard or in open or closed garage.

The house is situated in the center of a large quiet garden, with fruit and pine trees. Large terrace, grill, and ping-pong table are opportunities to spend a great time outside.
Relaxation in the outdoor jacuzzi is possible or you can try different sports like archery or foosball.


  • Tárkonyos krumplileves-Potato soup with tarragon
  • Töltött káposzta -Stuffed cabbage
  • Miccs ( füszerezett, darált, vegyeshúsból
    grillezett húskészítmény)-Highly seasoned forcemeat balls broiled on the gridiron
  • Kurtoskalács -Cake-hungarian specialty
  • Juhtúrós puliszka-Maize porridge with ewe’s milk cheese
  • Juhsajtból ételkülönlegességek-Ewe’s milk cheese specialty
  • Áfonyalekvár-Cranberry jam
  • Padlizsánkrém-Eggplant salad
  • Flekken szalmakrumplival-Steak and chips
  • Pisztráng grillezve, vagy fóliában sütve-Grilled Trout, Trout grilled in foil
  • Csirkecomb grillezve, vagy fóliában sütve-Grilled chicken lamb or in foil.